What Do You Want This Year More Than Anything?

A Social Experiment.

What is it that you want in 2015 more than anything? Dare yourself to accomplish one thing this year. Take a leap of faith, and make it something big (big to you). Choose something that scares you, something risky.

Submit your dare via email to hi@shutupanddostuff.com and be featured in my new campaign.

1. Submit a portrait of yourself in square format (if you don’t know how to do this, I will convert it for you). High resolution preferred but not a deal breaker.

2. Submit a goal in 5 words or less.

Examples: “Handstands.” “Cliff diving.” “Quit smoking.” “Quit my job.” “Start a business.” “Run a marathon.” “Have meaningful sex.” “Grow the fuck up.” “Travel to 3 new places.” “Face my insecurities.” “Speak up.” “Love.” “Go public.”

I will post a gallery featuring your picture and goal. You can request to withdraw your submission at any time.

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