Vibrate Your Dreams into a Reality

This article is part of The Workbook Project’s Dream Building Series, a 7-day event where I asked blog contributors what dream building means to them. Whether it’s creating a daily life that you’re madly in love with, building a business or a little of both, this dream building theme aims to teach readers how to build a brand and life of their dreams.

It is not enough to simply think and dream of what you want. The universe needs you to be specific. Your desires must be clearly defined. There are many different paths that are set out for us in the divine plan and we must decide which way to go. Your job is to figure out the what, getting crystal clear on what your dreams and aspirations are, and paired with inspired action, to allow the universe to take care of the how.

We are all vibrating beings of energy, and our thoughts are powerful attractors. When these thoughts, positive or negative are put out into the ether, they become a tiny little spec in the universe waiting to be manifested. They also cause an emotional response in your body as you think them. What you think about, focus on and feel, you attract. The universe doesn’t distinguish between whether it is something positive or negative, something you want or don’t want or if you are talking about the past or the future.

It is what you are feeling present moment, you are attracting. Once you can understand the law of attraction and reign in on your thoughts, you can start creating what you want by decision instead of reaction.

When you can relax the conscious mind– the racing, thinking, doing and creating mind– you can train the heart, or the subconscious mind to catapult you into your goals and dreams mindset. Over time, the thoughts change from invisible energy to physical manifestations. Like Bob Proctor says, “What you can hold in your head, you can hold in your hand.” The heart, or the subconscious mind has an unlimited ability to bring everything you want and dream of to reality.

Find whatever it is that you have a burning desire for, relax and imagine yourself doing it. What would it feel, taste, smell, look like? Truly see yourself doing it. Notice if you start to make any excuses. Take this a step further and write your desires down. Write down exactly what scares you about this dream, then turn your language around and say, I CAN DO THIS BECAUSE…

Know that in some way, shape or form, you are already living out this dream. This is where the magic happens. At some point along the way, you’ll open your eyes and realize you’re living your waking dream, real time. You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the journey.

Margie Pargie, an aerial yoga expert, teaches self-love, yoga, and meditation through her blog, classes and workshops. She shows people how to relax, let go, laugh and have fun while getting a great physical and mental work out. Exercise and meditation doesn’t have to be serious, it is meant to bring us immense joy, gratitude and love for ourselves. Margie is a 200HR Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher, named Top Inspirational Women on, student of A Course in Miracles, work scholar at Esalen Institute, 36HR Active Isolated Stretching Certified. She believes when we love ourselves, the world loves us right back! You can find her at

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