The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Morning Person: Revised

Mornings can serve as hubs for productivity if you wish to utilize them optimally. Designating moments in the beginning of your day to things you may not otherwise allow the time or willpower for can revolutionize your daily routine.

Some of the most successful people in the world use mornings as their not-so-secret weapon. One distinction between someone going through the morning motions and a highly successful person is how they take advantage of the hours before work.

“Learning to use mornings well is, in our distracted world, what separates achievement from madness. Before the rest of the world is eating breakfast, the most successful people have already scored daily victories that are advancing them toward the lives they want.” – Laura Vanderkam

What are the benefits of becoming a morning person?

Studies show that people who follow morning routines are more likely to be productive throughout the day. When you kick off the morning with healthy habits, you’re establishing a tone for the hours that follow.

Have you ever had a bad morning that sent your day spiraling out of control? You wake up late, rush out the door in a frenzy, spill coffee in your lap, get stuck in a traffic jam and can’t seem to get anything right? That’s the power of mornings in effect. Win the morning, win the day.

Becoming a morning person is about more than being productive.

It’s about making time for things that matter most. We can plan our days with precision, but the reality is, distractions will happen, last minute deadlines will appear, emergencies will come up, priorities will shift, and time will run out.

Schedule activities in the morning that might not otherwise get done.

I’m not talking about paying bills, checking emails or doing that extra load of laundry – those things will get done, eventually. I’m talking about the more enriching activities like writing, quiet reflection, spiritual time, or putting in the extra work for a creative project or the business you aspire to start. A few hours in the morning of deliberate “you” time can transform your life from autopilot to wildly meaningful.

So you’re ready to take on the role of morning enthusiast? Here’s what to do.

Create a morning routine that sets you up for success. 

1. Get organized. A good morning routine will equip you for the day to come. Know what you have to do in order to prepare for each day and how much time it will take to execute.

2. Psyche yourself up to have an amazing morning. If you find your thoughts drifting to negative thought patterns, reroute them with a mini pep talk.

3. Move your alarm clock across the room. Start your day with movement!

4. Drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up. This will help hydrate you after a long period of no liquids, as well as jump start your metabolism. 

5. Nail down your hygiene routine. Cut down the time it takes to brush your teeth, shower, dress and get ready for the day.

6. Simplify breakfast. Stock up on staples like yogurt, berries, eggs, cheese and greens.

7. Prepare your lunch ahead of time. An hour on a Sunday night will give you peace of mind for the entire week. Prep your lunches in tupperware in advance and grab-and-go each morning.

How to Conquer Your Sleep Brain

Most of us are going to need a little push (or shove) out of bed in the mornings. We’re going to come up with a lot of excuses. What sane person would want to leave the comfort of their sheets before sunrise?” “Why get out of bed if I don’t have to?” Our sleep-brains are going to be asking us these types of questions each morning as our alarm eagerly waits for a decision, and these groggy little naysayers are going to be very persuasive.

Every night as you’re falling asleep, affirm to yourself that you’re going to wake up the following morning with enthusiasm. Give yourself a pep talk as you close your eyes. Visualize how wonderful it will be to have those extra few hours to yourself.

When the alarm goes off, spring out of bed like you mean it. Open your eyes and declare “today is going to be an awesome day.” Force out a giant smile. Greet the day with a kickass attitude, because the alternative is wasting your morning away.

You can give in to the snooze button or wake up with energy and enthusiasm. Your mindset determines the outcome.

Affirm this now:

I wake up with enthusiasm. Mornings are a gift. I choose to greet the day with an open mind and good feeling thoughts.

Early morning people are like an elite society of ultra ambitious, life lusting, success thirsty go getters. Anyone can join the early morning club, but you’ve got to be willing to put in the work. You have to be willing to spend the rest of your life putting in daily consistent effort to maintain positive morning habits.

For me, getting out of bed will never be easy. Although I’ve spent years perfecting my morning routine there are still days that I battle my own morning negativity. There are still days that I sleep past my alarm. There are still days that I revert back to old habits.

There is no permanent solution to the morning struggle. The good news is, the wildly successful days will help us remember how incredibly fortunate we are to be taking giant leaps towards the lives we want.

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