The Ultimate Brand Planning Checklist

The Ultimate Brand Planning Checklist

A killer brand starts with a crystal clear vision. How do you get crystal clear?

Brand Magic Course is a brand planning course for visionaries and creatives.

In this 4-week discovery course you will:

– explore blocks and fears
– define the core values that make your brand uniquely yours
– refine your specialty and offerings
– identify your dream customers
– hand pick the qualities that make your brand stand out
– create a brand vision that’s clear, powerful and soul aligned

By the end of this course you’ll be able to pitch your brand without fumbling over your words. You’ll get remarkably clear on what it is that you actually want. You’ll be able to close your eyes and envision your next steps with perfect clarity. You’ll walk away with a crystal clear brand vision and brand vision plan that you can actually hold in your hands.

This 4-week course will guide you through the steps to build a brand you love. Whether you’re a visionary, creative business or soulful entrepreneur, this program is designed to create clarity, give you actionable direction and propel you forward with passion and fury.

Throughout this course you’ll find a series of prompts and exercises designed to refine your vision, helping you get clear on what you really want. Align your brand with your truest desires and define the core values that will shape your brand into something that feels authentic and uniquely yours.

You’ll learn about the visual and emotion based elements that make up a kickass brand, assess your current project or business and create your own brand story. Go at your own pace as you kick off a journey of brand discovery.

When’s the last time you performed a brand audit? Reimagine the big picture, write a new manifesto, tell a different story with your design. Refresh your goals and kick off the new year with focus and desire. Download the ultimate brand planning checklist and let’s get started!

What is a brand anyway? There are four core elements that make up a kickass brand.

1. Identity & Youness

Get clear on who you are and what your dreams and desires look like. Get to the core of what you stand for, paint a picture of your dream lifestyle, identify any fears or blocks that stand in your way and set yourself up for brand bliss.

2. Mission & Values

Explore what kind of brand you want to create, write your mission statement, pitch your brand with perfect clarity, establish your core brand values and narrow in on your specialty or niche.

3. Story & Positioning

Identify the type of customers you want to attract and what type of messaging you’re sending out to your audience. Position your brand strategically and authentically. Hand select your dream customers, fine tune your offerings and leverage your authenticity.

4. Design & Big Vision

Learn about the design elements that go into cohesive brand. Audit your brand and make sure you have a logo, colors, fonts, brand graphics, website and social media messaging that aligns with your big vision. Create a formal vision guide to use as the platform from which to make all brand decisions.

Are you ready for radical brand clarity? Enroll in the course now. 

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