The Power of Speaking Your Truth

This article is part of The Workbook Project’s Dream Building Series, a 7-day event where I asked blog contributors what dream building means to them. Whether it’s creating a daily life that you’re madly in love with, building a business or a little of both, this dream building theme aims to teach readers how to build a brand and life of their dreams.

Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. – Robin Sharma

Your story, your feelings, and truth can release not only your own purpose in life but it can give life to others. There is so much power in truth that is scary to embrace at times. When’s the last time you shared feelings only to realize someone else was feeling the same exact way? These situations come up a lot during the holidays, where many people are triggered by family arrangements and interactions. The obligations to attend every gathering can overwhelm those that are introverted or feel overwhelmed. Learning to simply say “no” can be one of the greatest gateways to freedom that most feel scared to pass through.

To speak up. To be honest but with tender care. There’s a difference between being honest in business and being harsh. Sharing a story that is open, vulnerable, and positive can connect others to your brand and personality. As a people we crave connection, the number one currency between people across the globe. If you’re someone connected to this project that wants to serve others, connecting to them through truthful story is the most authentic way to share an experience and offer value.

Think of a time you felt connected to someone. Maybe you shared the love of a band or a movie. What did the songs make you feel? What memories did you share about the first time you saw an old classic movie. That emotional connection creates conversation, experiences, and shared moments. Now think broader, can you share about something more vulnerable with the knowledge that we all share similar ranges of emotion? The first break up, the first time you were embarrassed in front of a group, a time you felt super brave…these are conversation starters that show humility to others. Chances are, someone has a similar story that can bring you closer together.

This concept has been reviewed and explored by sociologists, writers, marketers, and every day people. The obsession with social media, the feeling of isolation even as our world grows more dense. The search of slowness and mindfulness through yoga and spirituality practices. There are so many ways to explore connection. If we miss the fact that connection is based on truth, we lose trust. For more insight into the way truth transforms connection, check out a Ted Talk by Kalina Silverman, in which she videos conversations in which she “skips the small talk” and forms emotional connections with strangers based in truth telling. The powerful stories these people share by asking big questions such as, “What do you want to do before you die?” will bring you to tears. 


Shannon Seth-WardShannon serves as a lightworker- living her truth as a mother, social worker, yogi, and online wellness coach. Through her own experience with mental health struggles, she’s come to realize the absolute importance of listening to one’s intuition and making life choices that come from the heart. She’s a bohemian type of “hot mess,” however, she manages to stay driven while thriving in organized chaos. Through world travels and domesticated bliss, she’s learned along the way that living a life by design is not only a tangible goal, but one that will lead to satisfaction and fulfillment. Personal development, wellness, and holistic therapies are her specialty as well as the mentorship of other entrepreneurs in the wellness field.

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