Process Isn’t Always Sexy

Incubation periods are not that glamorous. – Danielle LaPorte

This year has been deeply cathartic.

It’s funny how in control we think we are. Then our plans spin, flip, flop and shapeshift until we lose track of where we were on our paths. Our process turns really, really human and the rawness of it all leaves us feeling naked and chaotic.

Some days I feel like I’m drowning. I wake up so heavy it feels like gravity is tugging at my heart. I feel so choked up it’s hard to breathe. Like everything is moving in slow motion. Like my spark is so tiny I can barely find it. Like my life’s purpose is totally lost, and everything I’ve ever dreamed of is impossibly out of reach.

Process isn’t always sexy.

Process can be ugly. Process is emotional, terrifying, soul erupting and utterly anarchic. Process is sloppy, complex, and often tear drenched. Getting where we want to be is hard fucking work.

We get in our own way. We assume that everyone else is having an easier time navigating their way through the muck and that we’re the ones tripping while everyone else is skipping merrily on by. When the truth is, we’re in this together. 

Maybe we haven’t made it yet. Maybe the idea of success is so elusive that we wonder if we’ll ever reach it. We look up to our peers and mentors in awe, wishing we could flee the mess of trial and error and skip forward to wild abundance.

Here’s how life really works. Every picturesque Instagram couple has a behind the scenes reel of horror. Every successful person has their tale of struggle. Every mom, friend, blogger, business owner, daughter, coach and dreamer out there has had a series of meltdowns and fuckups that led them to where they are now.

We all stumble and pinball our way around in the dark for a while before we get it right.

You’re busting your ass for love, for creativity, for acceptance, for self growth, for freedom, for financial liberation, for happiness, for you. I promise you this, you’ll get where you’re going. It may not be exactly where you expect, but your butt busting will not be in vain. Keep going.

Your time to bloom will come.

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