Let Fear and Authenticity Be Your Guides

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The universe cannot resist authenticity. – Danielle LaPorte

We’ve heard the phrase, “be yourself” as an anthem for individuality our whole lives. Most of us anyway. But how rare is it to honestly dig deeper and answer the question, “What If I’m not that great?” It makes many of us uncomfortable as it forces us to realize we have areas of weakness. Here’s the best secret though: you have great infinite strength in all the places you consider weak.

Tapping into that strength comes from being authentic. Recognizing all that is intertwined in our personality, habits, and behaviors. This introspection can cause pain. Many avoid it for that reason. However, through personal development we realize our greatest vulnerabilities can connect us with humanity more than we realize. Think about the first time you said you loved someone. Heart racing, sweaty palms, thoughts swirling around in our head. But once the words come out and are met with reciprocation, there’s instant gratification and reward. A connection. Time and space collide and there you are- smack in the middle of it, living a truth.

Sounds momentous right? How can we carry those moments with us every day?

By honing in on the fact that we, as a people, all share the same fears, desires, embarrassments, and joy. When we share our scary parts they aren’t as scary anymore. When you fess up to faults they don’t seem as damaging. How often to do cast judgment and blame when we ourselves have felt or done the same thing in another context? These types of actions create peace not just inside your own heart but ripple through the world.

Here’s an example. A personal one even! I’ve been married for 5 years and together with my husband for over 11. I love him dearly but damn he can annoy me. Why? Because he’s usually right about things. I am a fiery woman who considers herself an intellectual. I can be ditzy though…and the last thing I want is to be called out on that. It’s my sore spot. The last time we were in an argument I knew I messed up. I was trying to cover up the fact that I spaced on detailed plans with family by coming up with excuses as to why it was everyone else’s fault. Then it clicked. I knew I messed up and just saying it would at least create peace. It was one of the most authentic conversations we’ve had in awhile. I had to admit I was in the wrong. I shared the real reason why I was defending my mistake and I instantly felt the heat in my arms, head, and chest dissipate. It was freeing. I learned a lot about my ways in just a 10 minute car ride.

Why does this matter in business?

Because there are going to be times when you flat out mess up.


Create disaster.

It’s inevitable.

Yet this reality scares the pants off so many people they avoid chasing big dreams to escape it. Staying authentic in yourself and your truth not only makes us better, more well rounded and compassionate people, it makes us braver. We can put ourselves out there saying, “Hey, I’m totally freaked out by this but I’m giving it a shot. I want this to work so I’m going to try hard. I need your support.”

If you fall short you have the backing to ask for more support, more knowledge, or a pep talk. It isn’t as scary anymore because you’re open to the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing! That’s what life is right? We have to remember that NO ONE has done this before, ie: lived on this planet or lived your life in this time. What freedom! That makes you the boss. Not just in business but in every choice you make in your life.

Be authentic.
It’s scary, but worth it.
Like all the good stuff in life is.


Shannon Seth-WardShannon serves as a lightworker- living her truth as a mother, social worker, yogi, and online wellness coach. Through her own experience with mental health struggles, she’s come to realize the absolute importance of listening to one’s intuition and making life choices that come from the heart. She’s a bohemian type of “hot mess,” however, she manages to stay driven while thriving in organized chaos. Through world travels and domesticated bliss, she’s learned along the way that living a life by design is not only a tangible goal, but one that will lead to satisfaction and fulfillment. Personal development, wellness, and holistic therapies are her specialty as well as the mentorship of other entrepreneurs in the wellness field.

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