Alcohol is the New Amnesia

Four years ago I quit drinking.

I didn’t quit because I’m an alcoholic. I didn’t quit because I have a horrible disease. I’ve never been to an AA meeting. I didn’t quit because I got a DUI or had a major breakdown. I didn’t quit because it was court mandated or because my family intervened.

I quit because the habit no longer served me. I chose an earlier bedtime. I chose waking with the sun. I chose to never have a hangover again. I chose to not waste time, waste mornings, waste days. I chose to learn how to have pure, wild fun without a drug. I chose not to be boring, lazy or uninspired.

I chose not to use alcohol as a crutch to function socially. I chose to respect myself. I chose a more interesting lifestyle. I chose more opportunities to do new things. I chose productivity. I chose to spend my time on things that matter. I chose to raise my standard of living.

Not instantly, but little by little, my life became what it is today: fucking awesome.

It was never about quitting alcohol. My life doesn’t revolve around sobriety. The aim was to empower myself to really take control. Three years ago today, I put my foot down and declared “I will be my best self and live the fullest, most sensational life ever.”

Cheers to that.



I’ve been sober since age 24. To give up something so vital to a young adult’s livelihood is kind of a big deal, right? Not really.

I spent almost a decade of my life partying. If you break that up over 9+ years, averaging 1-2 evenings out per week, that makes 648 wreckless nights or 3,888 hours of drunken mayhem. Let’s say 432 of those next mornings were hangovers, because let’s be real here, this girl don’t do moderation. And the majority of those hangovers were followed by morbid depression, shame or regret.

My question is: does the world have amnesia? How the fuck is this type of lifestyle sustainable? If  you woke up 432 mornings of your life unhappy, would you change? Most people think so. But people rarely do. It’s time for us to live bigger. 



I’ve been asked “Don’t you feel like you’re missing out?” My response is “Don’t you?!”

My success, happiness and fulfillment depend directly on being in a productive and positive mindset every single day. I am a growth seeking, ultra ambitious, big dreams and passionate goals . I don’t have time for that lifestyle. Every day counts.

Time is not expendable. Years are not expendable. Self respect is not expendable. Your emotions are not expendable. Your body is not expendable. You are not expendable.



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  • Deborah

    Amen Kalyin! I AM a recovering alcoholic I will have 20 years sobriety March 24. I owe it to Alcoholics Anonomous, and the light and strength that shines within me. Everyone has their thing and their own way of dealing. I could share all the sadness surrounded by my alcoholism and addictions but I am mindful of where I came from. I choose to live in the NOW, for today this moment. I love how you think and we always seem to be in the same vibe. Good for you and your 3 years !!
    Keep on rockin beautiful girl ! You are an inspiration !! Shine in ?

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