Do What Makes You Feel Good

Breaking Down Happiness

Happiness is: a state of being. The state of being happy.

Happy is: an emotion. The emotion of feeling good. 

We all want to be happy. That’s what our lives boil down to. Yet when breaking down happiness, we get stuck. We want it but we’re not exactly sure what it looks like, or how to get it. We know we can’t buy it. Though on occasion it can be rented with money. We know that other people can’t give it to us. Though they may be able to lend it to us. We know that it is created within. But that doesn’t stop us from seeking it from external sources. We kinda get what it’s all about. But few of us actually reach our destination.

So what does happiness look like? It’s not physically tangible, or clearly defined. Nor is the attainment of it associated with any one thing in particular. Get rich = be happy. Find love = be happy. Figure yourself out = be happy. Nope. Not what it looks like. Get rich + find love + figure yourself out = happiness. Maybe. But probably not.

Let’s take it back. Simplify it. Give it a face. Happy is an emotion. The emotion of feeling good. Satisfaction. Joy. Fulfillment. Excitement. Passion. Pleasure. Meaning. Anticipation. Accomplishment. Fun. Exhilaration. Love. All these things make you feel good. Feeling good = happy. Start here.

What makes you feel good? 

Kayaks? Running? Cooking? Spending time with family? Smoothies? Being outside? Drawing? Volunteering? Reading? Hugs? Adventures? Singing in public? Going to the beach? Gardening? Solving a problem? Writing? Tacos? Calling your best friend? Movie nights? Letting go? Baby animals? Spontaneity? Loud music? Open windows? Art? Being naked? Giving thanks? Dancing? Playing an instrument? Laughing? Taking a class? Waking up early? Architecture? Film? Whistling? Handstands? Appreciating the world around you? Coffee dates? Washing all the dishes in the sink? Following through? Smiling? Podcasts? Swimming? Natural light? Bare feet? Positive thinking? House plants? Puzzles? Yoga? Quiet time? Fuzzy socks? Doing something kind? Remembering names? Supporting a friend? Storytelling? Hiking? Color coordinating your closet? Finishing a project?

Do more of these things. Pick out the stuff that feels good, and invite more of it into your life.

Think small. Let’s leave the big picture – life passions, long term goals, ultimate happiness – for another conversation. Identify what little, every day things have made you feel good in the past. Identify what might make you feel good that you haven’t tried before. Identify what makes you feel good that you don’t do enough of. Identify what makes you feel good that you may be taking for granted. Identify what will make you feel good today.

Step 1: Know what makes you feel good. My solution to figuring anything out is to make a list. Grab a pen, give it a go. Step 2: Do these things. If waking up early makes you feel good, open your blinds and set your clock. You know what gets you off. You have enough time. You’re not lazy. I’m out of excuses for you. Get to it!

Crack the happiness code tomorrow. Feel good today.

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