Decide. I Dare You.

There are no right or wrong decisions. There is action, or no action. And it’s up to you to choose…something.

The freedom of choice is a mighty privilege. Much of our inaction can be attributed to being overcome by possibilities. In a world we hold in the palm of our hands, knowing what to do with that power is overwhelming.

You’ll spend a good amount of time figuring out exactly what you want. Beware: you severely limit yourself by dwelling on making the perfect decision. For example, you take Opportunity A and Opportunity B and lay them out on the table. You weigh their pros and cons. You imagine the outcome of both options. You meditate. You consult the internet, your mother, books, a coworker, an old boss, a mentor, a therapist, a journal, a white board. You tear up strips of paper and scatter them across your desk and move them around. All this work in an attempt to make the best decision. When what you’re really doing is overanalyzing, overly criticizing and complicating the options.

In most circumstances, Opportunity A and Opportunity B are equals. They may have completely different outcomes, but they will both lead to Opportunity C and D. And whether you choose Opportunity C or D, Opportunity C and D will both lead to Opportunity E and F. And so on. In no particular order.

What I’m getting at is, making the “right” decision isn’t as important as making the decision. Because even if you make the “wrong” decision, it will still lead to another decision. Decisions are opportunities that lead to more opportunities. Your course is always changing and expanding. If you slip up along the way, there will always be another opportunity awaiting you. And that opportunity might not be expected. So don’t dwell so much on making the decision. Don’t like what you picked? Pick something else next time. Unsure about what you picked? It may surprise you.

The unknown is scary. We obsess over and fear the risk of making a wrong decision. We inject doubt into ourselves because of uncertainty. Yet, when considering the risk involved in taking no action, isn’t inaction much scarier?

We are imperfect beings, aiming for perfection. Planning, thinking, estimating, plotting, analyzing, lingering, deliberating, contemplating, calculating, searching, researching, weighing, second guessing. We can’t get too caught up in the courting. When we get tangled up in the process, we lose sight of the next step: doing.

Indecision means inaction, idleness, inertia, stagnation, wasting time. It means we’re taking no action; we’re doing nothing. And who wants that? What we need is momentum, initiative, motivation, movement. Decisions lead to movement. Choose something. Anything. Right or wrong. Big or small. Calculated or uncertain. There are no perfect decisions. Any decision is better than no decision.

For the love of action, choose. And choose again.

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