Branding for the Soulful Entrepreneur

You’re one of us.

The dreamer.
The visionary.
The creative entrepreneur.

The Dreamer
>>> You’ve got a lead on your calling, but you need help refining your vision.

You’ve got a big idea, hooray! But you’re feeling a little scattered. Where do you start? You have a burning desire. You’re ready to tackle your dreams with passionate fury, but you need some loving direction. Your road map is on its way!

The Visionary
>>> You’re gearing up to launch a new brand, passion project or business.

You’ve put in the work. Hours upon hours of planning, creative effort and dream crafting. Now’s the time to put on the finishing touches. Are you crystal clear about your mission, your core values and your brand positioning? Launch your brand into the universe with surefire intention.

The Soulful Entrepreneur
>>> You have a creative business and it’s time to revamp your purpose and positioning.

When’s the last time you performed a brand audit? Reimagine the big picture, write a new manifesto, tell a different story with your design. Refresh your goals and kick off the new year with focus and desire.

Create a brand you’re in love with.

#BrandMagicCourse is now open for enrollment. This course is designed to map out your brand vision piece by piece.

Throughout the course you’ll find a series of prompts and exercises designed to refine your vision, helping you get clear on what you really want. Align your brand with your truest desires and define the core values that will shape your brand into something that feels authentic and uniquely yours.

You’ll learn about the visual and emotion based elements that make up a kickass brand, assess your current project or business and create your own brand story. Go at your own pace as you kick off a journey of brand discovery.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to pitch your brand without fumbling over your words. You’ll get remarkably clear on what it is that you actually want. You’ll be able to close your eyes and envision your next steps with perfect clarity. You’ll walk away with a crystal clear brand vision and brand vision plan that you can actually hold in your hands.

What you get:

– 4 weeks of self guided lessons
– 12 discovery modules
– “My Brand Map” workbook
– brand planning worksheets
– *4 weeks of live weekly group coaching calls with other Brand Magic students
{bonus value}
– *4 weeks of unlimited private, one on one email mentoring with course creator
{bonus value}
– lifetime access to the course and brand materials

Set yourself up for brand bliss with Brand Magic, a 4-week brand mapping course for visionaries + creatives.

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