Brand Magic Course for Visionaries + Creatives

Align your brand with your truest desires with Brand Magic, a 4-week brand mapping course. Here’s a sneak peek of the course curriculum. Enroll now! The course launches on January 30th, 2017.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Brand Magic
How to Take This Course

Week One | Identity + Youness
Week one will focus on getting clear on who you are and what your dreams + desires look like. Get to the core of what you stand for, paint a picture of your dream lifestyle, identify any fears or blocks that stand in your way and set yourself up for brand bliss.

1.1 Getting Clear About What You Stand For
1.2 Designing Your Big Vision
1.3 Writing Your Brand Manifesto

Week Two | Mission + Values
In week two you’ll explore what kind of brand you want to create, write your mission statement, pitch your brand with perfect clarity, establish your core brand values and narrow in on your specialty.

2.1 Creating Your Mission Statement
2.2 Defining Your Core Values
2.3 Choosing a Specialty or Niche

Week Three | Story + Positioning
In week three you’ll explore the type of customers you want to attract and what type of messaging you’re sending out to your audience. Position your brand strategically and authentically.

3.1 Identifying Your Dream Customers
3.2 Fine Tuning Your Offerings
3.3 Leveraging Your Authenticity

Week Four | Design + Planning
The final week is where everything comes together. You’ll look at the big picture for your brand and map out your goals for the year, explore design elements and create a formal vision guide to use as the platform from which to move forward.

4.1 Performing a Brand Audit
4.2 Refining Your Design
4.3 Planning Your Year

Bonus Materials
My Brand Map Workbook
Brand Planning Worksheets

Enroll now and receive 4 weeks of extras.

My very favorite part of this enrollment period is that for those of you who sign up beforeMonday, January 30 you’ll receive real, live coaching + mentoring from me!

Yes, that’s right. Real, live coaching from an actual human (and a really awesome human, if I don’t say so myself!).

I’ll be hosting weekly group coaching calls and up-close-and-personal email support. Though this is designed to be a self guided course, I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way!

Enroll before Monday, January 30 and receive 4 weeks of extras.

I honestly can’t believe how much Kalyn has jam packed into this branding course – she’s practically giving it away. Anyone who needs to get their brand together so they can make the next big leap with their business will see massive return on their investment if they show up and do the work.

Shayna Teicher, Cultivar Designs

If you’re serious about creating a passion based brand (and need a loving kick in the buns) this course is for you.

Enroll in Brand Magic Course.

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