Are You Ready for What You Want?

This article is part of The Workbook Project’s Dream Building Series, a 7-day event where I asked blog contributors what dream building means to them. Whether it’s creating a daily life that you’re madly in love with, building a business or a little of both, this dream building theme aims to teach readers how to build a brand and life of their dreams.

Goals, intentions, and desires. As we step into the new year this is the time to get really clear on what you want to have happen in the next 12 months. What goals do you want to achieve? What dreams do you want to realize? It’s the time to write our lists, make our vision boards, meditate, and visualize our dreams coming true.

So I have a question for you. If the Universe gave you everything you wanted right now, could you handle it? If all of your dreams really came true, would you be ready?

Are you prepared to receive the increase of clients in your business? Are you ready for the love of your life to show up? Will you be able to handle all the attention you’ll receive when you drop 50 pounds? Do you have the time to manage all those followers when you make a name for yourself this year?

I know when I answered this question the answer was, uh… well no, not just yet… The truth is there are a lot of things I need to clean up in my life before all of my dreams can come true.

If my business dramatically increased right now I would be overwhelmed, disorganized, and panicked. If my boyfriend and I suddenly found the house of our dreams we wouldn’t have the time in our calendar to move. If I all of a sudden had a huge increase in subscribers I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the comments. The truth is, I don’t have space for all the things I want to show up. I’m not ready to receive them.

But I can get ready. I can create space. I can get organized and be more efficient with my time. I can let go of people and situations that are no longer serving me. I can take the time before my dreams come true to clean up my side of the street.

In order for the Universe to deliver to you all the things that you want this year you need to be ready for it. This means preparing and creating room for your dreams to manifest. Whatever that means to you and your life. You may need to alter you routine, take things off your schedule, or stop hanging out with your ex.  Create space for your dreams.

The Universe wants to deliver to you everything that you want. Make sure that you are ready for it when it arrives.


lauren-grace-headshotLauren Grace is a Holistic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and owner of the wellness center, Sarasota Integrative Health. As a practitioner she addresses both ones physical health and emotional well being, through diet, lifestyle, and stress management. Lauren is passionate about helping people become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. For more information on Lauren or her practice visit

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