Hey! I’m Kalyn, mega yogi, sunshine freak, creative, visionary and personal development junkie. 29 Project (formerly The Workbook Project) has undergone a makeover! Here’s the dish.


I’ve been anticipating my 29th birthday for a few weeks now. Seemingly just another year around the sun, this birthday has catalyzed some very important shifts.


Typically by 30, you’re frantically taking inventory of your life, reflecting on where you thought you’d be by now and preparing to make up for lost time. For me, 29 is a wake up call. But not in the way you’d think.


By my 20 year old standards, 30 year old Kalyn would be traveling the world by now, making waves of social impact along the way. By my 25 year old standards, 30 year old Kalyn would be on an under 30 list, on track to building a 6+ figure business.


Here’s what 29 year old Kalyn has to say: fuck expectations.


This year is not about racing to the finish line. Instead, I’m going to try a new tactic. For the next year – and hopefully, the rest of my life – I’m going to commit myself to living authentically, and nothing less.


Step one: kill off The Workbook Project (shrieks of terror). As of this week, my website, social media pages and blog will convert to “29 Project.”


29 Project will be real time documentation of what it’s like to live a wildly productive, explosively happy, shockingly honest twenty something existence.


Over the course of the next 12 months, I’ll be wearing my heart on my sleeve, focusing on topics that really matter to me. I’ll be writing about everything from sobriety to sex to vulnerability, emotions, habits and happiness. If anything, I’ll show up truer, bolder and louder than ever.


Stay true, always.




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