99 Alternatives to Boredom

When there’s a big bright world out there, there’s no good reason to sit on your bum!

1. Kayak. Beg, borrow, steal (or rent).

2. Play a board game. Host a game night.

3. Journal. Take 5 minutes out of your day to free write. Don’t over think it, simply write whatever comes to mind.

4. Watch a Ted Talk. Watch 99 of these alone.

5. Plant something. Dirt + seed + water + watch it grow.

6. Hop in your car. Equip yourself with music. Drive.

7. Write a letter to someone. A friend you’ve fallen out of touch with. That aunt you never call.

8. Yoga. Take a class, set up a towel on the beach or a matt in your living room.

9. Doodle. Scribble to music, draw your hand, draw anything in front of you. Add some color. Go crazy with it. Don’t focus on the product, it’s all about the act.

10. Make a list. Future karaoke songs, funny things your grandpa says, places you want to go.

11. Cross something small off your todos. Put your laundry away, pluck your eyebrows, clean out your emails, feel satisfied.

12. Plan your week. Writing it down leads to getting it done.

13. Walk a dog. No one says you have to have your own.

14. Get rid of a material item. A shirt in your closet you can’t remember ever wearing, something extra, something old. Donate, recycle, give to a friend, trash. Just purge.

15. Clean out your car. You know why.

16. Bake something. Find a recipe, shop for ingredients, enjoy the process.

17. Badminton or volleyball! Buy a net, set it up in your yard. Sports are cool, guys. And you don’t have to be good at them.

18. Stretch. An easy one. Good for you. Something you probably don’t do enough.

19. Origami, paper lanterns, paper cranes, paper anything. Find a simple tutorial.

20. Paint something. No one asked if you were an artist. Brush + paint + surface = painting.

21. Take a walk. National parks, not-your-neighborhood, another city’s downtown.

22. Fix something in your house. Put up a blind, repaint a shelf, replace a toilet seat.

23. Organize something. Your spice collection, your underwear drawer. Doesn’t matter. Makes ya feel good.

24. Grab a bicycle. Hop on, rev up. Wind in your hair. ‘Nuff said.

25. Go on an unplanned day trip. Bring along a mascot.

26. Study a map. Learn capitals. Countries. Names. Locations. Know your geography!

27. Learn 10 words in a new language. Pick a language, put them on flash cards, memorize them. Fill that head of yours.

28. Deep clean. Turn up the music, strip down to your underpants, don’t see it as a chore.

29. Rearrange a room. Switch up the feng shui. Bring in new energy.

30. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Or, get a phone call out of the way you’ve been dreading.

31. Make a thoughtful gift for someone. No holiday required.

32. Do 20 push ups. Muscles are sexy.

33. Change your perspective. Climb a tree, do a headstand, sneak onto a roof.

34. Go on a coffee date. Pick someone, anyone. Extra points for someone new.

35. Find a rock climbing gym. Chalk up. Figure it out.

36. Dry clean or tailor. Take your favorite shirt with the stain, or those pants you bought that are too long, and fix them. Cause they’re no good if they ain’t wearable.

37. Learn a dance on YouTube. Impress all your friends with your sweet new moves.

38. Give yourself a full pedicure. Soak ’em if you got ’em.

39. Make an aquarium. Find something glass, fill it will cool stuff. Live things, plants, animals, photos, inanimate objects.

40. Make a friendship bracelet. Shush, I know you’re not 11. It’s still fun.

41. Strike up a conversation. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. You’ll enjoy it, and so will they.

42. Volunteer for a day. Don’t be intimidated by long term commitments. Pick a specific event, and sign up.

43. Send a post card. I know you’re not on vacation. Doesn’t matter.

44. Donate blood to a non-profit blood bank. Good deed, check!

45. Make your own pizza. Mix and match your toppings. Get funky with it.

46. Send flowers for no reason. To a friend, to a hospital, to a coworker.

47. Read your horoscope. Get really into it.

48. Try on clothes at a fancy store without looking at price tags. Bonus for prom dresses. Take lots of selfies.

49. Look through old family photos. Feel nostalgic.

50. Find a flea market, farmers market, art show, or craft fair.

51. Make your own business cards. Create a fictitious job title, future job title, or dream job title.

52. Sew something, knit something, crochet. It’s therapeutic, and easier than you think!

53. Watch an independent film, a foreign film, a short film, a documentary. Something with more depth than what you’re used to.

54. Fly a kite. Be free.

55. Invent something. Object 1 + Object 2 = Invention. Object 1 Altered/Improved = Invention.

56. Sing out loud. Don’t be timid. Let it out.

57. Pick up an instrument. Any instrument, there are plenty.

58. Do squats. Back that thang up.

59. File your mail! For sanity’s sake. Organize paperwork on your desk, your counter, your car.

60. Stumble, tumble, pin. Happen upon inspiration.

61. Subscribe to a new blog.

62. Start a blog. 

63. Discover tiny houses. They’re neat.

64. Fool someone. Scheme up a prank. Chuckle. ‘Cause life’s too short.

65. Write a stand up comedy act or a monologue. Everyone else thinks they’re funny or interesting, so why shouldn’t you!

66. Write a short story. True or false.

67. Document your life. Photos, memories, tales, names, dates, mementos. Make a book!

68. Keep a dream log.

69. Go home. Visit your home town. Appreciate it.

70. Surprise your grandfather. Even if it means a 14 hour drive.

71. Cook a giant breakfast. Cook anything. Just cook.

72. Get a massage. World, meet Groupon.

73. Have a picnic. Because it’s an adorable thing to do. If you’re bold enough, throw a sunset in the mix.

74. Go camping. Fresh air is just what you need.

75. Meditate. Sit quietly. I dare you.

76. Exercise your brain. Lumosity.com is great!

77. Write a one page business plan. Even if you don’t plan to execute it.

78. Make a mosaic or a collage. Slop things together and see what you come up with.

79. Go thrifting or antiquing. It’s never not interesting.

80. Write down all the things you’re grateful for. Little things, material items, people, experiences. Don’t overlook anything.

81. Frisbee. Of course frisbee.

82. Back up your computer. Back up your phone. Coulda shoulda woulda.

83. Start a recipe book. 

84. Start an adult kickball league. Or anything silly to get people together.

85. Host a potluck, taco night, cook-off whatever. People love food.

86. Hang out on your porch. Do things you would normally do inside, outside.

87. Clean your room. Clean out your fridge. Wipe down your bathroom. Just do it.

88. Make your own slip and slide. Always a weird time.

89. Send a thank you card.

90. Go to the library or a book store. Books!

91. Set up a photo booth. Anywhere. Add props.

92. Go to a craft store, art supply store, floral shop, dollar store, toy store. Have yourself a playful time.

93. Play laser tag, paintball or mini golf. Go to a trampoline gym, an arcade, a skate rink or bowling!

94. Go to a dollar movie or  a drive in! Gosh, who doesn’t swoon over a drive in?

95. Whip up a mocktail. There are some great recipes on Pinterest!

96. Treat yo’self. Get ice cream, a facial, lay in the sun, buy something frivolous.

97. Listen to a podcast or a book on tape in your car.

98. Pick up a hobby magazine or a book on a topic you know nothing about

99. Sign up for a dance class, aerial yoga, guitar lessons, or skydiving. Get out of your comfort zone.

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