21 Reasons to Do What You Love (And Never Look Back)

This is a call to do what you love. In fact, that’s why it’s named your calling. You’re meant for this. You’re meant to be passionate. You’re meant to spark and light up and start fires. You’re meant for great things.

A secret? You don’t need permission to live a life you’re madly in love with. You don’t need permission to follow your dreams. You don’t have to be ready. You don’t even have to know how. You just have to decide that it’s possible.

Incase you don’t believe me, here are 21 reasons to do what you love (and never look back).

1. The leap is less scary than you think. Action kills doubt. You’ll surprise yourself the second you surrender to trusting your gifts.

2. Happiness isn’t synonymous with poverty. Find a way to make money doing what you love. There’s always a way.

3. We’re on this earth to make an impact. To serve others, to live our purpose- through art, through creativity and through finding a way to add value to the world.

4. You’re worthy of living a life of your wildest dreams. Seriously, you’re worthy of feeling pure, raw joy every single day of your life.

5. There’s a new way. The biggest limitation to fulfilling our dream lives is the idea that we must continue to do what we’ve always done. Ask yourself, what would the new way look like?

6. We’re rooting for you. Want to be a chef or an artist or a published author? There are plenty of us out there who will support you wholeheartedly. Your tribe awaits.

7. We have exactly one beautiful life, and it’s our responsibility to walk our own paths, discover our own truths and to live as authentically as possible.

8. Why the F not? Go ahead, ditch your head and follow your heart.

9. On the last day of your life, you want to look back with no goddamn regrets. You want to look back on a life with meaning, knowing that you woke up each day with purpose.

10. Fear is momentary. Have you ever jumped off a cliff? I jumped out of a plane once, and you know how long the fear lasted? A split second, and after that it was pure exhilaration.

11. We are incredibly capable. Take what you think you can do, and amplify it to infinity. We live in a world of tremendous possibility.

12. “Follow your dreams” is not just a thing people say. It’s a call to action, if we choose to hear it.

13. Taking risks is how we catalyze the greatest change. Rip away your safety net and watch worlds unfold.

14. We’re not meant to fit within a box. We’ve got elbows and edges, curves and bumps. We’re constantly growing and taking on new shapes. We’re meant to expand.

15. It’s possible to marry passion with success. We don’t have to choose between one or the other, we’re entitled to both.

16. You’ve got the stuff. There might not be a handbook for building your dreams, but you’ll figure it out as you go. If you really want something, you’ll make that sh*t happen!

17. Sometimes playing it safe is the biggest risk of all. People lose their jobs, get sick, fuck up. Playing it safe doesn’t eliminate your risk of failure. You can fail just as easily living a life you’re not in love with, so why not take a chance on happiness?

18. It’s easier than ever to live life on our own terms. There are blogs to teach us new skills, online groups to cheer us on, social media to serve as our launching platform. The resources exist to support your passion.

19. There is huge reward for innovators, disrupters and those who have to courage to do things a different way. Empower yourself. Bust through the glass ceiling with guts and ferocity.

20. If you’re not doing what you love, what’s the alternative? Settling? You deserve explosive happiness, massive fulfillment and absolute delirium. Nothing less.

21. Your dreams are attainable. The days of people calling you crazy for thinking big are over (and to anyone who doubts you, leave them in the dust). Repeat after me: My dreams are attainable.

And so it is.

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