I plan to work my ass off as a writer. Become an expert at copywriting and design. Write so many ebooks that it becomes a full time job. Engage with my incredible family of online growth seekers on a regular basis. Become entirely online based and create all of my most inspired work barefoot in yoga pants and I’ll GET UP TO PEE AS OFTEN AS I GODDAMN PLEASE.

I’m going to make MONEY. I’m done with surviving. Fuck surviving. I’m going to fucking thrive. I’m going to completely eliminate my lack mindset and welcome abundance of ALL FORMS into my life, every glorious day.

I’m going to cut big, giant holes in my safety net. I’m going to rip off my bandaids with ferocity. I’m going to say NO to the big ol’ teat that I’ve been suckling on and put on my big girl panties for good.

I’m going take my MacBook down to Central America and work from a goddamn villa. I’m going to create roots part time in another country and relearn Spanish. But I’m not gonna be fucking timid about it this time. I’m going to REALLY learn Spanish.

I’m going to travel my ass off. And I’m going to have a place to come home to in between. I’m going to fill a home with treasures and all of my favorite things. I’m going to own furniture, for the first time in a LONG time. I’m going to have expensive hand woven rugs and proper bedding. I’m going to have windows as tall as the ceiling and cold hardwood floors.

I’m going to practice the shit out of some yoga. I’m going to always, always be a hop skip and a jump from a circus and acro community. I am going to play hard. I’m going to paddle board and swim in the ocean and do things that scare the crap out of me.

I’m going to wake up every day with the same enthusiasm and excitement that I’ve woken up with for the past 6 monthsbecause I’m doing things. I’m working on projects. I’m creating. I’m adding value to the world. I’m sharing. I’m making things happen.

I’ll surround myself with people who are also doing things and LIVING BIG. I’m going to inspire, and be inspired.

Nothing less.

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